Candidate Spotlight – Meg Cappel

Meg Cappel – Candidate for 49th District Illinois State Senate

Meg Loughran Cappel has deep family roots in Will County.   She has lived here since the age of five. Her grandfather, Francis J. Loughran, was a respected trial attorney and advocate for those in and around Will County. Meg was inspired by her grandfather’s legacy and became a special-education teacher, providing a voice for students with special needs. She has long been dedicated to inclusive environments for students to learn and thrive.

A natural communicator, Meg took her passion for education to the next level.  She became a union representative at her school for two years, then ran for, and won, a seat on the Joliet Township High School Board.  For the last 12 years, Meg has been a champion for equity in education for both teachers and students, offering them support from birth through higher education, and on to meaningful careers.

Growing up in Will county and benefitting from all it has to offer, Meg has been passionate about giving back to her community. She has been a volunteer in her community throughout her life: serving and leading ministries at her church; leading various parent/faculty groups for her children; serving as a 4th and 5th grade cheer coach at Sator Sanchez Elementary School in Joliet; and serving as a member of the Shorewood Chamber of Commerce. In addition to her membership on the JTHS Board, Meg is an Illinois Association of School Board Delegate, a member of the JTHS Discipline committee, and a member of the Joliet Township High School Foundation Board. 

A mother of three and caregiver to her elderly father, Meg understands that many Illinoisans live paycheck to paycheck. Meg and her husband, Jason, recently opened a small business to help put her children through college, and she knows that many other families face the same financial challenges posed by higher education and rising healthcare costs. Meg will take action to support working families and small businesses, while also addressing the need for access to quality, affordable healthcare.

Meg recognizes the need for ethical leadership in Springfield. Her own leadership, advocacy and passion have been demonstrated throughout her career, and will continue as she uses her voice in Springfield for the 49th district.